Comparison and Contrast

INSTRUCTIONS:  Choose one of the prompts below and write a comparison or contrast paper. It should be about 500 words and two pages in length.  You may choose the subject by subject or the point by point organization for this exercise.  Remember that in each type of organization you will need to discuss three points of comparison or three points of contrast.  This should be 4 brief paragraphs (subject by subject organization) or 5 brief paragraphs (point by point).  Draft Due 4/11 and final copy due 4/18.

Compare or contrast the expectations that college professors and high school teachers have for their students. Use your own experiences as examples.
How are the attitudes toward education different among student who work to finance their own education and students who do not?
Compare or contrast the college experiences of commuters with the college experiences of students who live in a dorm on a college campus.
Write a page comparing or contrasting the differences between a participate (a player in a sport or an actor) with a spectator (a football fan in the stands or a member of an audience in a theater).