Comparing Three Pharmacy Retailers

Comparing Three Pharmacy Retailers

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Normally, a personal visit to three retailers within the category of Pharmacies is required. However, with the Coronavirus restrictions, we will focus on e-commerce and websites. 

Compare three different pharmacy retailers based on the listed elements of the store atmosphere. The atmosphere refers to the store’s physical characteristics that project an image and draw customers.
Below are listed the atmospherics you are to include. They are divided into key elements: storefront, general interior, store layout, displays, and checkout. You will find explanations of each of these atmospherics in the textbook’s Chapter 18 starting on page 454. 

Atmosphere elements 
The prominence of the company name.
How is it inviting?
Ease of entry
The distinctiveness of the look and feel.
Retailer’s email address, mailing address, and phone number were present and easy to find 

General Interior Elements:
Information about the company
Product icons
Shopping cart
Location of the physical stores 

Store Layout Elements:
The layout of each individual web page
Links to move from page to page 

Full product vs. tailored
Open vs. cluttered appearance 

Checkout Counter:
Security and privacy
Difficulty in completing transactions
Shipping and handling fees 

***To complete the assignment, use the Excel spreadsheet provided. An example on how to complete the assignment is attached, also.*** 

SEE the excel spreadsheet!
SEE “How to complete the assignment using the Excel spreadsheet” (an example):   

Parameters for Essay:  The final work includes three different retailers within a category. Must include the name and web address of three actual open retailers, not fictional nor out-of-business. Do not include more than three different retailers. Work must be submitted as an Excel spreadsheet. Use the format presented to you. 

Grading will be based on the completeness of the information, the student’s ability to express understanding of the categories, and spelling. Refer to the rubric below for details. 
The grading rubric uses the depth and clarity of the term. Depth refers to the completeness of the answer. Short answers such as OK, yes, no, fine, ugly, and needs work do not show a depth of understanding. Clarity refers to the student’s answer expressing an understanding of the element and how the retailer addresses the element. 

Criteria: Answers provided Full answers Answers provided for three retailers and all categories This criterion is linked to a Learning Outcome Location information Information there Business name, city and state for all three retailers provided. Answer quality Each answer is to be clear, detailed, and reflect an effort on the part of the student. All answers meet the requirements. Answers fit the category Answers provide enough depth to exhibit the understanding of the atmospherics. All answers provided depth.