Community Development Analysis

The program that I chose for this paper is the RBI program in the Boys and Girls Club of America.
Here is the basic information about this program:

Prepare an analysis of the topic, program, initiative, etc., in terms of how it aligns with ideas and principles of community development. Your assignment should be approximately five-pages double-spaced in length, not including title page and references, or 10-15 slides with recorded audio), including:

A brief description of the program, event, or initiative, including its purpose, organizers, participants, and how it aims to foster community development.

Describe the program or initiative in terms of how it draws on principles of community development, in your opinion. For example, does it reflect an effort to foster citizen participation, social capital, belonging/inclusion, advocacy, CED, social capital, etc.?
Determine how the initiative is/was initiated, organized, and structured, and discuss the impact of these factors on opportunities for community development

In your analysis, draw on at least three relevant peer-reviewed literature sources related to community development and the organization/initiative of interest (in addition to other sources, which may include textbook chapters and articles discussed in class, web sites, articles in the mainstream media, etc.)