Climate Fiction

Climate change is often envisioned as a natural, ecological set of challenges.  But climate fictions illustrate the many ways that such changes often will engage with many existing or newly-created sociocultural challenges, too.  Evaluate how climate change will impact some specific social problem or society considered more broadly. 
OR To what degree and how will climate change reproduce existing social problems or create new problems?
    Give an example from one of the texts we’ve read of how the threat of climate change impacts society negatively in social ways.
What are some of the negative social impacts that Climate Change has in the stories we’ve read in this class?
How is exploitation shown and explored as a theme in climate fiction (exploitation of animals, resources, the environment, people, etc) and how is it significant?
Why do some novels not only discuss natural hazards, but also discuss other things? (Such as immigration and colonization)
    How does climate fiction expand/touch on other mainstream topics within society?
    How does setting influence the novel’s focus on climate change and/or determine its genre to be climate fiction? (ex: Oil on Water takes place in 2009 and focuses on the oil war which has negatively impacted Nigeria but the environmental impact is more of a plot device rather than the story’s problem itself)