Climate Change

This is a current affairs essay. In this essay, you are asked to write a maximum of 2,000 words, where you discuss an event or issue of current affairs interest in connection to a topic discussed in class. You are asked to briefly describe the event and draw connections to the material discussed in class. You need to cite at least two academic sources from outside the course (you may also cite newspaper articles and other media, but they do not count toward the minimum two academic sources).

Unlike a commentary, this is a proper essay, which should have an introduction, a body, where the analysis and evidence is explained in a logical manner, and a conclusion. It should present a concrete argument. It should cite scholarly and other material. It should provide a logical flow of ideas, evidence and analysis. I will be assessing: 1. Your ability to make a concrete argument that connects an issue of current affairs with topics discussed in class; 2. Your ability to critically analyze academic sources and discussions; 3. Your written expression, proper citation and essay organization.