Classical Archaeology

Respond to all THREE of the following items. Indicate the number of the item you are answering. Be sure to start with a clear thesis of your own and use specific references to support your thesis.


1. Discuss the shipwrecks at Gelidonya and Uluburun; their special significance and contribution to archaeological history. Are the ways that the techniques of George Bass was criticized in 1960 comparable to that which Heinrich Schliemann faced when excavating Troy in 1870; in what ways did the criticism differ?

2. The Greek temples at Agrigento are often called superior to those of the Periclean Acropolis of Athens. Why is this the case, and how were the provincial Greeks of Sicily able to construct buildings arguably superior to those on the Peloponnesus?

3. The Tomb of the Diver at Paestum has frescoes comparable to those of the Tomb of Hunting and Fishing at Tarquinia. Compare the themes of these frescoes and consider why Greek-settled Paestum has funereal art so similar thematically to Etruscan Tarquinia.