Chromosomes, Cell Division, Genes, and Inheritance

Here are the guidelines/instructions for the paper assignment:

1. Identify an article that has appeared in a print periodical OR
reputable science/news website since January 1st of 2018 that is
related, at least loosely, in some way to the subject matter of
the module (e.g. chromosomes, cell division, genes, inheritance, etc). This should be a news
article. DO NOT use a textbook or encyclopedia-type source. [The module focus for this paper is chromosomes and inheritance, meiosis and mitosis, controlling cellular production, and genetics)

2. Briefly summarize the article, describing direct and indirect
connections to course topics/discussions.

3. Briefly describe TWO implications/applications implied,
surfaced, discussed in the article and their significance.

4. Include descriptions of TWO important or critical questions
raised in/by the article.

5. It is important that the paper be well written, properly
sourced/cited (any standard format), 3-5 pages (12pt, 1
margins, double-spaced). THREE FULL PAGES of text IS AN
ABSOLUTE MINIMUM. This length will NOT INCLUDE headers (e.g.
your name), figures, references, etc.

If it helps, the textbook being used for this course is What is Life? A Guide to Biology by Jay Phelan. The module this paper should be related to is Chapter 8 Chromosomes and Cell Division and Chapter 9 Genes and Inheritence.