+ Find an online article/story with a religious angle.
+ Explain what the primary religious issue is.
+ Cite previous stories/articles that are related to the original one (see if
there are links to previous or related stories)
+ Does this have to do with :
-An individual or small number of people?
-A larger number of people (i.e. a congregation)?
-A denomination?
-The whole church everywhere?
+ Is there a conflict? What is it? Who is involved? Why is it of interest to
+ Does the writer tell you what you need to know or are important facts left
+ Is the writer sympathetic or antagonistic toward the subjecton one side
rather than another?
+ How could the story have been better (more informative, more detailed,
clearer, etc.)?
+ Use one of these sites to find an article:
-Get Religion
-First Things
-National Catholic Reporter
-National Catholic Register
-Christianity Today
-Religion News Service
Your paper should be 3-4 pages long. Please use your best spelling,
grammar, and syntax! Cite all articles or other resources used.