Cause and Effect essay

Your Cause and Effect final exam is to write a cause and effect essay consisting of 400-500 words.

It should contain an attention getting introduction with thesis, a body that supports the thesis, and a conclusion that utilizes one of the concluding techniques listed in your text and restates your thesis.  Lastly, choose one of the writing topics listed below.  Due on May 10

How do you account for the popularity of the following: Twitter, Facebook, hip-hop, video

    games, home schooling, reality TV, fast foods, flash mobs, or sensational tabloids such as the Star?  Write        an essay considering remote as well as immediate causes for the success of the phenomenon you choose.

Write an essay considering the likely effects of a severe, protracted shortage of one of the following commodities: clean water, rental housing, cell phones, flu vaccine, books, or gasoline.

Write an essay exploring the causes, effects, or both of increased violence among children in the United States.

What do you see as the major cause of any one of these problems: binge drinking among college students, voter apathy, school shootings, childhood obesity, or academic cheating.  Based on your identification of its causes, formulate some specific solutions for the problem you select.

In recent years almost half the American marriages ended in divorce. However, among married couples of Generation X, born between 1965 -1980, the divorce rate is considerably lower.  To what do you attribute this decline in divorce rate?  Be as specific as possible, citing case studies of families you are familiar with.