Caste: The Origins of Our Discontent

Reading Response Paper Guidelines to Assigned Readings and Movie   

    Read: Caste: The Origins of Our Discontent by Isabel Wilkerson (pp. xv.- 96)

Students are required to write 2 pages single-spaced 1 margin.

Papers must be grammatically sound, correctly punctuated, and properly sentence structured. Plagiarism will not be tolerated.

1.    Identify and write a sentence or paragraph in the reading that made you stumble or caused a moment of aha. Describe why the particular sentence stuck out or caused a response in you. (Include the page number where the sentence is found)

2.    Identify a sentence that represents the thesis/proposition in this reading.

3.    What are the most persuasive ideas in the document?

4.    Are there points/ideas you do not agree with? List them.

5.    What new learnings did you find in the text and would you be interested in doing additional research?

6.    How does/can information from this text inform you/your?
    As a ministerial practice