Case study

Read Ethics Case 19, pp. 562-573.

Answer the following questions:

1. Based on information contained in the Case, list the ethical dilemmas faced by CVS and describe how the company handled each one.

2.  Using Chapters 5, 11, and 12 to inform your answer, describe three factors that may have impacted CVS’ decision not to sell tobacco products or some cold medicine. Note the chapter(s) you used for each factor by placing the chapter number in parentheses next to the factor.

This must be a Word document with one-inch margins, single spaced (double space between paragraphs) and your name, paper title, and date in the header.  Points will be deducted for sentence, spelling, grammar errors and not following the above document instructions.

This paper must be written in your own words.  Any material taken from outside sources must be appropriately cited.

The document will be reviewed by Turnitin.  Any review scores over 10% will receive a grade of 0.  You will receive the Turnitin scores when you submit your document.  If needed, you have an opportunity to revise the document and resubmit it.