case study

1. (20 points) Before diving into the details of Pizza USA, consider your favorite pizza restaurant.
What is the name of the restaurant?
Where is the restaurant? Country, City and if possible location name like the district.
Define the elements of the service package for this pizza restaurant. Give as much details as you can.
Would you classify this as a high- or low- customer contact service? Justify your reasoning.
2. (25 points) Do you use pizza delivery services? Each team members responses to the following questions
must be included in the report (for students who are doing the cases individually choose any friend or
family member and include at least one more response from them)
When was the last time you ordered a pizza?
Give some examples from where your order pizza.
If possible, give rating for different firms out of five stars.
Considering your pizza ordering experience, make a list of pizza delivery attributes that are important
as a customer. This list should also reflect your personal definition of an outstanding pizza delivery
3. (20 points) Make a list of pizza delivery process design requirements. Associate each requirement with a
measure that will ensure that the process meets the requirement.
4. (25 points) Design a process that meets your requirements. Describe it by using a flowchart similar to
Exhibit 9.5. As much as you can include failures that can occur in each step and what the corresponding
poke-yokes can be