business ethics

hello, you have to answer all of the questions at Part 1. Then you have to choose between part 2 and part 3. You have to answer all of the questions the one that you picked.

Part 1:
a. Explain the relevance of Kohlbergs theory of cognitive moral development to
ethics and evaluate its implications for the actions of business managers or
leaders in firms.

b. With concerns raised against the traditional style of managing social
responsibility, many businesses are increasingly moving towards the
contemporary style of managing social responsibility. Explain the contemporary
CSR strategy and with practical examples, critically evaluate whether
contemporary CSR is a strategy worth pursuing by multinational companies.

c. Explain the differences between;
i. Normative, descriptive and instrumental versions of the stakeholder
ii. Moral framing and Ethical Dilemma

Part 2:
1: A ceramic dinnerware company wants to sell in a foreign market with higher
Ecotoxicity standards in product supply chains. As a consultant, advise the
company on what global standard they can use to assure themselves that they
meet the required standards. In your advice explain the necessary steps and
potential concerns that regulators in the foreign market can raise about the self-assessment.

2: Your organisation is planning to integrate sustainability in its supply chain.
Management must set environmental benchmarks for its suppliers, work with
existing suppliers to achieve those benchmarks or find new suppliers that can
meet the environmental requirements. There is also the need for continuous
monitoring and review to ensure compliance. Explain the roles that managers
at different levels of the organisation will play in achieving this objective.

Part 3
1:  The leadership of a student-led innovation, to provide peer-to-peer tutorial
services to struggling students in Canterbury, is considering partnering with a
local education institution. In what ways can the active participation of such a
partner aid their efforts? Also comment on the type of social innovation being
deployed, the importance of such partnership and the challenges and
opportunities in evaluating the success of their project.

2: In order to incorporate sustainability in its business model, your boss is planning
to imitate the sustainable business model of a competitor. Advise your boss on
what to do to gain a competitive advantage from such integration.