Business case

You are working as the Senior Project Manager for Product Development at TechSystems, Inc, a large manufacturer of technology products and services. Your company has been in this business for nearly a decade, is publicly traded and has numerous stakeholders. Recently, your senior management team is considering the possibility of getting into a brand new market for the business – the consumer wearables market. Your marketing team suggested that the company develops a device that is compact, light and worn on the hand (similar to a watch). The device should not retail at more than $35 and offer the following features:

Pedometer count, Distance count, Calories Burned count
Heart beat monitoring
Compatible with Bluetooth version 2.0
New products on the market offer a variety of similar or better features (including more competitive pricing) and integrate with various phone devices using the latest Bluetooth versions. As a result, your CIO has tasked you to prepare a feasibility study to include the following:

Provide an executive summary (synthesizes the analysis of your report).
Perform an analysis to address the following questions (make assumptions for the areas you do not have sufficient details):
Who will need to approve the business case?
What options need to be compared?
Are there any compliance requirements (HIPAA, Privacy, etc.)?
What investment needs to be made and where could the money come from?
What technical feasibility needs to be considered?
What resources (in-house or contracting) would you need?
Prepare a brief SWOT analysis, comparing the new product with the existing competition on the market.
Define the strategy the company should pursue with this product,
Tabulate the drivers that will make the case strong (include the following categories in your table: Driver, Description, Category, Strength, Ownership, Evidence)
Follow the Instructions
All assignments must adhere to APA style, to include (but not limited to) the following aspects: document formatting, line spacing, page numbering, in-text citation format, and referencing requirements. Assignments do not need a table of content or abstract, but you do need a title page and a reference page. Students should use the APA Manual (6th edition) to assist in their demonstration of competency in adhering to APA format. For in-text citations and reference page formatting, you will find chapters 6 and 7 of the APA manual particularly helpful.

Your assignment should be no more than 8 pages (not including the title page and the reference page).