Brand management exam

All five questions must be answered with the best answer, very important.

Answers are to be typed  under each question below:

Question # 1 

Explain the importance of creating building brand strategy. Provide an example of a company that has developed a strong branding strategy.

Question # 2

Explain the role that brand elements play in developing brand strategy & explain why some brands mix and match brand elements. Provide an example

Question # 3

Discuss the difference between brand breadth and depth of awareness. Provide an example.

Question # 4

Select one of your favorite brands and discuss how you would create a experiential marketing strategy that would resonate with its target consumers ( my favorite brand brands will be Kate Spade New York so write about it thank you.)

Question #5

Explain the four elements of brand resonance. Provide an example of how one of your favorite brands  creates resonance with target consumers.

Include questions and answers