Please use Google Scholar for Article reference that what my Professor checks

Final Project: Annotated Bibliography
For your final project proposal you submitted back in Module 5, you selected a human biology topic you would like to explore in more depth, an submitted one article annotation. Be sure to use the feedback your instructor gave you on your topic and your annotation as you complete your final project.

For your topic, you will write a short annotated bibliography of eight (8) primary sources (not review articles or editorials) that have been published in the past 10 years. Primary sources include research articles, clinical trials, web pages from professional associations or government sites (e.g. National Institute on Aging). The ESC Library or Google Scholar are good places to start your research.

An annotated bibliography begins with a paragraph description of your topic and the context of the articles you have chosen. This introductory paragraph is followed by the full citation of each article, with a 1-2 paragraph summary and analysis of the article, situating the findings in the context of your topic.

Please visit the Online Writing Laboratory at Purdue University for further explanation and examples of an annotated bibliography.