Each student will develop an ePortfolio.  Utilize the readings from Week 5 as well as your coaching session with Career Services to gain further ideas on what to include in your ePortfolio.  Your ePortfolio should include one artifact for each of the following four categories.

Artifacts for inclusion in the ePortfolio need to include:

Background (choose one)
Brief biography and/or personal introduction, written in a way that youd want to present yourself to a professional audience (prospective employer, for example)
Certificates of training, completion, or honors; awards, other earned credentials
Letters of recommendation or reference
Cover letter (everyone will create this from scratch)
Create a general letter introducing yourself to a prospective employer or collaborator, highlighting briefly your background and credentials and demonstrating why the interdisciplinary approach youve learned in your college program is of benefit in the career field or collaboration.
Your Week 7 Discussion response, and the class discussion, will help give you some ideas
Multimedia skills (choose one)
A professional image of the student or appropriate avatar
Sample creative item (i.e. art project, auditory speech, musical piece, infographic, website)
Academic and communication skills (i.e. essay, research paper, story, article, blog)
COLL498 Interdisciplinary Project is an option
COLL300 assignment
Other course assignment
Submission options:  1) submit the link to your portfolio to your instructor (be sure to test that the link is working); 2) submit your four artifacts in the classroom as attachments.