Behavioral Economics

The assignment is split into two separate documents, the first is

” A statistical evaluation of a behavioural intervention” is the evaluate the statistical measures that are already put in place to measure behavioural intervention and state why. Comment on why it was affected and relate to any drawbacks on the research.

The assignment should focus on one intervention. Equally important I will need to also use Stata for this assignment. I will need to research a dataset which will be downloaded and be used to create tables and charts for that intervention plus explain what the dataset shows which is the analysis (empirical analysis).

The second part of this assignment is

“Critically evaluate the decision to save for retirement using insights from traditional economic theory and behavioural economics”

I need to examine, why people will choose to save up for retirement. In my analysis, I should use research and studies that have been conducted in this field and evaluate its effectiveness. This paper is just theory-based. Here I can go in-depth on behavioural intervention, how does traditional economic theory differ from saving retirement