assignment 6

or our final assignment, I would like you to apply a crime theory of your choice to a crime movie of your choice. This is an opportunity for you to demonstrate your own knowledge and understanding of criminology and its role in popular culture. Here are the requirements.

Choose a movie that has a strong crime element. Netflix has entire categories: Crime Movies, Vintage Crime, True Crime, Violent Movies. You may also choose a movie from Hulu, Prime Video, and any other source.

Select a movie that we neither watched nor discussed.

After you watch the film, think about how you would describe and explain its crime and criminal behavior. Which of the following theories would best fit the movie’s depiction of crime?

Classical and Neoclassical Criminology
Biology and Criminality
Psychological Theories
Social Disorganization Theory
Anomie and Strain Theories
Subcultural Theories
Conflict Theories
Feminist Criminology
Using the text entry box, provide the following information.

Name of film
Year film released
Director of film
One paragraph synopsis of film
Two to three paragraphs applying a theory’s concepts and principles to the film
As you describe and explain the film’s crime and criminal behavior, be specific. Use what you learned in the course. Your submission should demonstrate your knowledge and understanding of criminology.