Assignment #3

Your task is to identify and explore one of these forces in-depth in a quarter-long research project:

What specific issue or question most intrigues you about the events, cultures, people, arts, trade, cross-cultural contacts, and phenomena during the period from 1200 to 1750 CE?  What would you like to understand that library research can help you explore?

Write a word paper (about 3 double-spaced pages + Works Cited) that does the following:

    Puts forth a problem, question, and argument about a significant issue you have found in the scholarship on your topic from the period 1200-1750 CE.
    Engages with the scholarship by consulting at least 2 secondary scholarly sources, at least one of which is from a peer-reviewed academic journal (bare minimum).
    Analyzes a primary source, or group of primary sources, as part of exploring the topic and formulating your argument (see Analyzing Primary and Secondary Sources in the Canvas Writing Assignment Module).

Level-3 questions to be answered in this paper:

1. How did the construction of his social image play in his journal?

2. How did the construction of his self-image play in his journal?

3. How do his travel accounts suggest the perception of his Africaness from the perspective of European nobilities?

When citing Krestos original words
(Krestos qtd. in Salvadore 4)

When citing Salvatores translation
(Salvatore 4)

Elements to be included in this paper:

1. Thesis followed with an argument to make

2. Counterargument

3. Dear Reader Letter