Asian American Issues

You will be responsible for writing a 5-6 page paper analyzing a prevalent and urgent Asian American issue. Minimum of 5 credible sources. Here are some questions to address:

1. What is/are the issue(s) that Asian Americans are currently facing and/or will face?
2. Briefly describe the origins of the issue(s) and how it became an issue(s).
3. Using credible sources (journal articles, newspapers, books), why is/are the issue(s) important to
address and resolve?
4. What short and long-term solution(s) did you come up with?
5. What are the pros and/or cons in resolving the issue(s)?
6. Who will be impacted most and what potentially can happen if the issue(s) is not resolved?
7. What can you do to continually inform yourselves of the issue(s) that affects Asian American