Article response

1. What is the author’s thesis? In other words, what point or argument is he trying to make? This is the introductory portion of your response. Partial credit only will be awarded for an unclear or incorrect thesis statement.
2. How does the author support his thesis? What is the evidence he uses to back it up? Be specific and provide examples – no examples, no credit. This should be the longest section of your paper.
3. How successful is the author in defending his position, based on presentation, use of evidence, and sources? Include this in your conclusion as you briefly wrap up your response.
4. Include a reference section at the end. For History, Chicago style is generally used, but if you normally use APA or another style in your major that is acceptable. Include from the article its author, title, journal, publisher, publication date, pages, etc.
Author’s Last Name, Author’s First Name. “Article Title.”  Journal Title volume, no. issue (year of publication). Page-page.
5. When you refer to specific info, whether it is a direct quote or you are paraphrasing, include the page number in parentheses afterwards. Here is an example:
During the late Neolithic, copper items played a major role in “enabling increasingly complex definitions of aged and gendered social identity” (390).
Approx. 2 pages, double spaced, proper citations