Article Discussion Paper

For this assignment, you will find an article pertaining to food culture and some sort of change that is occurring today.  You must choose a food culture outside of the United States.  You will then write a paper (2 pages minimum; double-spaced) that includes:

Summarizes the article
Discusses the internal and external pressure that have caused the change in food culture
Your conclusions

You may need to seek out other sources that dig deeper into the topic and answer all the rubric points.  All sources must be cited in APA format in both a list at the end of the paper, and in the body of the paper.

Articles can be found in journals, good-quality magazines, and newspapers.  If you have a question about the quality of the source, please send me a message to confirm that you can use it.

Heres an example of internal and external pressures for a ficticious topic/article.

You find an article about rising saffron precies in India.  External pressures (those outside of the country) might include decreased demand from other countries and global climate changes that have lowered crop yields.  Internal pressures (those inside the country) might include a decreasing number of saffron growers, civil war, or issues with infrastructure such as destroyed bridges or roads.