Art Museum Visit Essay

Art Museum Visit Essay

Museum Visit, Exhibition Review

For this assignment you should visit an art museum and write up a review of the work. Spend some time viewing all of the works and choose 6-8 pieces to feature in your review. Have fun with this! Though there are specific guidelines you need to follow, I am not expecting perfection. I want to see evidence of your exploration of the museum and the work included.

Please follow the style guideline for presenting your review:

Come up with a Show Title
By: Your Name

Your review should be between 1000-1200 words (approx).

Use only single spaces between sentences.

Create an attention grabbing headline!

Titles of artworks should be in italics.

Titles of series should be in quotes.

When you begin a new topic, begin a new paragraph.

Every work should have the date in parentheses: example, Starry Night (1889).

Your review should:

Take a stance. Have an argument.

Use vocabulary from the course, art historical references, and other relevant references.

Place the works within the current social and political climate. Why should we care about the work?

Try to avoid using the first person I or we.

Use descriptive detail when referring to the work.

Avoid common knowledge and cliches. Do your best to focus on the highlights and the shortcomings of the exhibition. What is successful? What is not?

Some Tips:

Imagine you are writing your review for a newspaper or art magazine. What can you say to grab the attention of your reader?

Be organized.

Include high quality images from the museum’s website.