Arguement Assignment

This paper should contain an attention getting introduction, solid body of support for your thesis, a REFUTATION PARAGRAPH, and a conclusion that restates the thesis and uses one of the techniques that we have studied toward the beginning of class.  Choose anyone of the topics listed below for your argument essay. Draft due 5/02 and final due 5/09.


The educational costs of elementary school through high school are covered by our state and local government.  Should the cost of college also be funded by the state, local, and federal government?

Argue for or against using animals (cats and dogs) for the purpose of scientific experimentation.

Our United States military are being killed by alarming numbers in other countries. Should the people of our country actively protest our involvement in aiding other countries at this time?

Are non-military drones a serious hazard to people on the ground or planes in the air?

Realty TV programs seem to be on almost every channel these days and are very popular. From an entertainment and educational perspective, do you consider these programs good viewing material for yourself, your younger siblings, or your children if you are a parent?

America should (or should not) be a refuge for the oppressed from other countries?

Some people believe that Hollywood and what it represents is a bad influence on our society.
Do you agree or disagree that Hollywood is essentially a poison factory?

In the Declaration of Independence, Jefferson says that all individuals are entitled to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Write an essay arguing that these rights are not absolute.

Should the internet users be free to publish any content they wish or should the internet be closely regulated by the government?