Architecture. watch a video and write an essay on a building

Watch one of the videos from the Dan Cruickshank Playlist on Digital Films on Demand. Choose one of the buildings from the videos you watched or another one not covered from the video and write a 325 word double-spaced paper about it. Don’t forget to include at least 1 image of the building you chose. Each video in the playlist has a theme, if you choose a work of art not covered in the video, make sure it fits into the theme of the video you watched.

This assignment will require research. You must cite your work.

1. Please include some background about the architect or firm.

2. Please discuss the style of architecture.

3. Discuss the location where the building is and the time it was created.

4. What innovative techniques were used when building this structure?

5. Each video in the playlist has a theme, how does your work of art express the theme of the video you watched.

6. You must follow all the guidelines on “Common Art History Mistakes” ill attach a pdf of it.

7. Submit assignment in this Learning Module in the turnitin assignment.

All assignments must be in 12-point font (Arial or Times New Roman), use correct grammar and spelling, and coherent sentences.