Applying Ethical Decision Making

The purpose of this assignment is to understand how the legal and ethical issues in the health care setting are being scrutinized across the nation by state and federal regulatory agencies. Individuals, professionals, and organizations must comply with rules of law and ethical conduct, and apply ethical decision-making in every scenario.

Find a legal case where an ethical decision was made and write an analysis of the case.

Address the following based on your chosen chase:
-Explain the importance of ethical decision-making for health care professionals.
-Summarize the evidence presented in the resolution of the legal case and the ethical decisions that were made.
-Explain how the application of evidence-based practice supports the ethical decision-making process.
-Describe your personal thoughts on the decisions that are specific to the legal case you chose.
-Explain what could have been done to prevent the ethical and legal issues from occurring in the first place.

Support the analysis with 23 scholarly resources.