applied psychology in the professions

Write a 3-5 page paper that discusses one aspect of applied psychology (applied behavioral analysis, counseling psychology, sports psychology, industrial and organizational [I/O] psychology, legal psychology, or human factors psychology).
Imagine you are applying for a researcher’s position in the psychological services department at a large health care organization. You are among three finalists for the job. The next step in the hiring process is to submit a brief white paper that discusses a specific area of applied psychology that interests you. A white paper is an authoritative report intended to help readers understand an issue, solve a problem, or make a decision.
Assessment Instructions

In your paper, do the following:

Describe this area of applied psychology.
What does it focus on?
What does it do?
What are the key ideas, figures, or psychological theories?
Analyze the societal or cultural needs that led to the development of this area of psychology.
Analyze how the history of this area of psychology informs professional behaviors.
Additional Requirements

You do not need an index or abstract for this paper. Use the APA Paper Template [DOCX].

Length: 35 page paper.
Written communication: Must be free of errors that detract from the overall message.
Resources and citations: A minimum of two scholarly sources is required. A maximum of one nonscholarly but credible source may be used in addition to the two scholarly sources. Format according to current APA guidelines.
Font and font size: Times New Roman, 12 point.