Applied Management Psychology Experiment – Management Psychology

This is part two of a two part submission.

In this submission, students should carry out the experiment designed in the part one proposal. This submission should be mostly practical – i.e., actually performing the experiment. The submission should consist of a) a brief description of the methods, and any changes made between the proposal and the carrying out of the experiment, b) a detailed summary of the results found (with supporting evidence – i.e. prove that you have actually done the experiment), and c) a discussion of the results (so what does the experiment tell us – does it support the theory or go against it? How can you use the findings in your future management practice?)

The experiment in part 1: Assessing the Psychology Governing the Dominant Motivational Factor in Students.

The experiment write up can be structured as follows:

Introduction (100 words)

Sets the scene for the assignment

Methods (300 words)

Briefly summarises the methods, any changes made and why, as well as justifying the experiment (essentially a short recap of the literature in the proposal)

Results (500-700 words)

Describes in detail the results of the experiment. This section must provide extensive evidence of the process of conducting the experiment, and the findings.

Discussion (500-700 words)

Discusses the significance of the findings in relation to existing literature, what you would do differently if you did the experiment again, how these findings can be used in management practice; critical appraisal of results

Conclusion (100 words)

Summarises the key findings of the paper