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Label this Part A Choose a title, When writing this paper as you answer write 1 to answer question 1. 2 to answer question 2. 3 to answer question3 . 4 to answer question 4. In your own words with little quoting. Also when writing quotes write all quotes using quotation marks. Read the professor notes to have an understanding of the terms dont use to write essay. Which of the ethical theories have you used the most in your personal or professional life? The text defines a value as a principle, personal standard, or quality considered worthwhile or desirable. In health care, we are often challenged to confront and sometimes set aside our personal values when dealing with ethical dilemmas. Ethical frameworks have been developed to help solve these dilemmas. Using the textbook Edge, R. and Groves, J. (2018). Ethics of health care: A guide for clinical practice. (4th Ed.). Boston, MA: Cengage Learning. PAGE 63. Please answer the following questions: 1)List the six steps that are included in most ethical frameworks to solve ethical dilemmas (Edge & Groves, 2018, p. 63). 2)Describe teleological (consequence-oriented) reasoning, deontological (duty-oriented) reasoning, divine command ethics and virtue ethics 3) Reflect on the types of reasoning and describe a situation in which each of the four theories may be used in health care 4)Identify which of the theories you have used the most in your personal or professional life.  Cite textbook . Please no plagiarism .
Next part of Paper should be labeled part B. WRITE A QUESTION RELATED TO  WHAT YOU READ ON PAGE 63 and use two peer reviewed article  from 2019-2021 to support your point. You can used a website but it has to be .org and between 2019 and 2021. Cite articles and please no plagiarism. This should be 10 sentences.