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The purpose of the assignment is to:

Expand on the concepts and practices of managing diversity in the workplace. 
Determine the diversity experience and strategy in which the best practices described in the readings that are used in local organization.

This assignment is a personal growth exercise involves interviewing a person whom you perceive as very different from you in terms of your cultural and social identities. This person should be engaged in a career and have at least ten years of full-time work experience.

You must incorporate the course concepts into your a written essay response. Describe your experience as follows:

1-What are their social identities? How are they similar or dissimilar to your identities?
2-What are kind of stereotypes does this person encounter? What is the accuracy of those stereotypes?
3-What was it like growing up as a member of these particular groups? What was their greatest challenge then and now?
4-Have they ever experienced discrimination at work or in other ways?
5How do their group memberships influence their current work environment or prior career choices?
6-What have you learned from the interviewing experience that you could apply to your current or past work situations?

NOTE: I choose a personal trainer (male) at equinox fitness. Canadian

You must include the name, telephone number, a selfie with this person, and email address of the person that you select for this exercise. (I will put this information)