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Decide on an activity based on the population you identified in Part 1 of this assignment, that will provide you with the best virtual or socially distanced experience/exposure/interaction with a group, neighborhood, individual, etc., to help you develop a better understanding and/or increase your comfort level. You will need to complete an activity with the population or immerse yourself in an environment that will help you become more comfortable with the identified population and/or help you dispel some stereotypes by gaining more knowledge. Write at least 2 pages APA format paper that discusses each of the following:

1-The activity or interaction that promoted personal growth with date and place where the experience took place and a brief description of the setting.

2-(interview of an individual, attendance at a religious service, visit to a certain neighborhood for a day, etc.);

3-Thoughts, reflections, and feelings about confronting the out-of-comfort zone area (fear, apprehension, excitement, etc.) How did it feel to be a minority in this way?; and

4-What did this experience teach you about being different from others in your environment? What insights did the experience give you that you could apply to your current or past work situations?

Some examples of ideas maybe, a Caucasian Christian visiting an online primarily Hispanic church service online, a heterosexual individual attending a LGBTQ event the key is to place yourself in a situation where your social identities are different from the majority of those in attendance. You can attend virtual events for this assignment. Do not choose a setting that places you in a situation that is physically dangerous, or in a situation in which your presence is unacceptable or seen as an intrusion.

Note: I am female and Immigrant(Cuba)