Any topic (writer’s choice)

Option 1: Technical/Quantifying

Choose one article to analyze and report on the following criteria:

This option will use a Toulmin-like approach (See Week 5 Toulmin/Rogerian lecture video and notes). You will analyze the article in a technical way and locate parts of the article that show the technical (or skeletal) outline of the argument. You will need to closely examine the article for the answers to the questions below and organize your essay in a clear, easy to follow format with an introduction, body paragraphs, and a conclusion paragraph.
What is the authors overall argument? This is your interpretation and will become your thesis statement. (e.g.Jones argument is _____ because _____.)
What does the author use to guide their audience to understanding their argument? This is where you present close analysis of the Toulmin format.
Use Chapter 17 of your Norton Textbook to generate the purpose, audience, and stance of the text and themes/interpretations for your introduction. Since this is a scholarly article, rather than looking for characters and specific themes that we would find in a poem or novel, you are looking for an underlying idea that the author perpetuates in their article.
What is the claim, qualifiers, evidence, warrants, and backing?
What are some examples of artistic proofs and inartistic proofs that the author uses to support their argument?
What are the conditions of rebuttal and how does the author address those rebuttals? Or does the author not offer any conditions of rebuttal? If not, what are some conditions that you feel an audience may present about the topic? How would this affect the authors argument?
Give specific examples to support your analysis and be sure to use correct in-text citation to let your reader know where that information can be found
Use Chapter 11 (pg 125,126) for help with organization
A works cited page should be a new page following the conclusion of your essay