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Write a 1-15 page report and create a recorded presentation of at least 10 slides based on your analysis, research, and recommendations for your chosen health care organization.


In a presentation and report to the leadership team of your chosen health care organization, you will analyze the strategic initiatives of the organization as they ensure access, the quality of services, and cost effectiveness, as well as identify any barriers that will need to be addressed.

Your report and presentation should synthesize all of the feedback and learning from the previous assessments and research and include your three evidence-based recommendations for organizational improvement.


You have completed your organizational analysis of your selected health care organization and have solicited feedback throughout the process. Now, you need to recommend an organizational structure that successfully drives health care results. You will accomplish this by synthesizing the work you completed in the four prior assessments into the final written document, adding an executive summary, cumulative conclusion, and reference list.

You will also need to develop and record a PowerPoint presentation to present to senior leadership or the board of directors about the recommendations you propose.

Your Role

You are a senior leader of a health care organization, and you have done a complete analysis of the organization. You are tasked with synthesizing all of the analyses, feedback, and research you have reviewed and making solid recommendations to drive health care results for your organization.


Part 1: Health Care Organization Analysis Report
Complete the remaining report elements, which are listed below, and combine them with the reports you completed in Assessments 14. Review the entire document, making modifications on your content based on faculty feedback and what you have learned throughout the course. Ensure that there is cohesion throughout the document. Your report should include the following:

Executive summary/abstract: Provide a summary of the report in a single paragraph, on a separate page. This is the last thing written. Describe the background of your organization, including history, audience, and role in the wider health care arena.
Company overview: Introduce the organization. Identify barriers in the organization to three areas: access, quality, and cost effectiveness. Evaluate the impact of these barriers on the strategic initiatives in the organization.
Analysis of strategic initiatives: Evaluate elements of the organizational structure, including finance, operations, human resources, supply chain, marketing, et cetera. Evaluate the impact of the organizational structure on driving results from a strategic and operational perspective.
Analysis of organizational structures: Identify critical components of a value-based purchasing model. Analyze budgetary and financial implications of value-based purchasing on health care management practices and decisions.
Analysis of value-based purchasing and shared risk: Identify examples of shared risk models, such as population health. Analyze budgetary and financial implications of shared risk models on health care management practices and decisions.
Recommendations: Think critically and analyze evidence-based strategies to develop an effective organizational culture, using relevant data and measures such as benchmarks, research, and best practices. Synthesize data to make recommendations that impact the culture of the health organization that is driving results for access, quality, and cost-effectiveness. Such recommendations should apply innovative, strategic, sustainable, and evidence-based approaches, positioning the organization to systematically drive health care results into the future.
Part 2: Presentation
Using the content from your Health Care Organization Analysis Report, create a 1020 slide PowerPoint presentation (including a title slide and reference slide), and record yourself delivering that presentation, either in screen-capture format (narrating from your computer as you navigate through the presentation) or video format (recording yourself delivering the presentation). You may use Capella-supported Kaltura Media (refer to the MBA Program Resources for tutorials), or another technology of your choice that produces a shareable URL. Be sure your media formats are set so anyone with the URL is able to view the video.

Note: If you require the use of assistive technology or alternative communication methods to participate in these activities, please contact [email protected] to request accommodations.

Synthesize the important points from your report in your presentation in a concise, clear way. For reference, the content from each assessment should equate to 12 slides.

Since you are presenting this information, your delivery should elaborate on your slide content, not repeat the content verbatim. Provide the audience with more information than what they would be able to read from the slides.

If you are filming yourself delivering the presentation, consider the following:

Faculty is able to view you delivering your presentation, and the camera is positioned so that you as the presenter are easily seen.
You clearly communicate the content of the presentation to your intended audience.
Faculty is able to hear your delivery well.
Deliverable Format

You will submit both the Health Care Organization Analysis Report and the video presentation for assessment.

Part 1: Health Care Organization Analysis Report
Report requirements:
Ensure written communication is free of errors that detract from the overall message and quality.
Use at least 10 scholarly resources, cited in APA format.
Your report should be between 1215 content pages, in addition to a title page and references page.
Use 12 point, Times New Roman.
Related company standards:
Use a professional report format of your choice. Remember that you are preparing a professional document meant for executive leadership with limited time. Your report should follow the corresponding MBA Academic and Professional Document Guidelines (available in the MBA Program Resources), including single-spaced paragraphs. If you are new to this type of writing and document style, you may wish to use these sections as a way to organize your report:

Title page.
Executive summary.
Company overview.
Analysis of strategic initiatives.
Analysis of organizational structures.
Analysis of value-based purchasing and shared risk.