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In this paper, you are going to examine and analyze the protagonist in Beowulf against these criteria, as well as the way in which the protagonist does/does not fit into the definition of “epic hero” given earlier in the class (see addendum below). In addition, you will analyze the themes in the text. What are the take aways? Finally, how is the concept of xenia shown in the text and how is it similar to/different from the way xenia is shown in other texts we’ve looked at in this class?

Use the information outlined in “Writing in this Class” attached to Writing Assignment 1 to write this paper.

(50 points). Using all of the material in this course, fashion a paper that does ALL of these things:

analyzes the character of the protagonist in Beowulf as well as the themes presented in the text;
explains how well this character fits the definition of an epic hero presented earlier in this course;
addresses the concept of hospitality and shows how it is presented in the text and how the Anglo-Saxons differed in their hospitality from the Greeks.
The paper should be 1500 words long. You may write up to 1750 words, but you need to submit at least 1500 words.