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People have the tendency to see other cultures from their own point of view. They acknowledge their own culture and its behaviors as the normall other cultures are seen as foreign, or even secretive.  In this unit’s reading, we look at critical incident analysis (CIA) that helps support an unbiased response to cultural variances by allowing managers to demonstrate empathy related to other points of view. Using the CIA method, describe a situation that you or someone you know has experienced where a cross-cultural misunderstanding took place. A work situation is best, but if you don’t have that kind of an example you can look broadly at other situations.

Describe what essentially occurred, and how a culturally sensitive reaction could have been achievable if you or someone you know had used CIA. Look at the theories and suggestions in the readings regarding having success in cross-cultural settings and within your response, explain in detail what can specifically be done to ensure that these behaviors do not take place in the future.
Use one of the theoretical frameworks of cultural interpretation (Hofstede, Hall, etc.) presented in our readings and apply this approach to the situation. 
As a manager, how would you have handled that situation differently? What could you do as a manager to ensure that you are able to adapt to multiple cultures?
Submit a 3 page paper. The paper should properly cite at least 5 resources in APA format,

Assessment Criteria

Situation is described and well-defined allowing for deep level of analysis.  Solutions described are tied to theoretical foundations
Theoretical framework, when applied, helps make better sense of the situation.
Solutions/suggestions are offered and they go beyond the content learned to offer creativity that is based in a foundational understanding of the content learned
Writing Organization and Clarity