Any topic (writer’s choice)

The design templates and presentation wizards incorporate good design strategies and should be the first place an inexperienced presenter should go. Once you learn the basics, you can then begin to incorporate multimedia, such as graphics, music and video) to create an eye-catching presentation. Remember, the point of the presentation is to get a message or lesson across. Too much eye and ear candy detracts from your message. It takes experience to learn the proper balance between the two.

Please read all the 3 modules of PowerPoint pages PPT1-1 PPT1-67, PPT2-1 PPT2-59 and PPT3-1 PPT3-57 .  Based on these modules you need to create a PowerPoint presentation.

You can select a topic of your choice for the final project. It might be real, such as Social Distancing and Masks are Important, It is the Responsibility of All Citizens to Vote; or it might be fictitious. You can get the content of presentation from online sources, but the formatting (including text and image formatting, transition/ animation effects) must be your work.
The important thing is that the thesis should express a point of view. Create a PowerPoint presentation as described in the three modules of MS-PowerPoint. The presentation deck must include –

multilevel list
use different type of slides like title only, comparison, content/ picture with caption, etc.
music or video
media files must be embedded in the presentation.
transition effects.
at least 8 slides although it may have more
proper theme

Be creative