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Imagine you are in charge of a company.  In this report, your job is recommend the social media policy governing their employees from who can post as a representative of the company, to how reviews online should be handled, to when employees can use social media on the job, and what they can say about the company on their private accounts.  You will propose 3-5 possible social media policies, and discuss the pros and cons of each course of action before deciding which policy the company should implement.  Your final report should be 4-6 pages not including the Letter of Transmittal, Cover Page, Abstract, Executive Summary, and Table of Contents which are all required.  Document all research in MLA or APA Style.

Your final Report will include all of the required elements (Letter of Transmittal, Cover Page, Abstract, Executive Summary, Table of Contents, the 4-6 page report, and References/Works Cited).