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1. Read and analyze the case study posted on Canvas related to this assignment. Search, review
and select empirical research that present evidence-based practice principles studied in class.

With all people, problems and strengths emerge in life. Assessing client strengths and
limitations is the foundation of effective goal setting. As you assess this family and its
members, take time to note what problems and strengths they are each living with.

4. We know that goals emerge from assessment and collaboration with client values and
expectations. Conduct a search and review of literature related to the problems you have
identified for this family and the particular members. Work to identify 8 works (2 per person
in the case study) in the literature review that may address EBP interventions for these family

This portion of your study will support a strong application paper. While empirical research that
you find may not apply directly to this case, it is the practicing of posing the questions an