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Write a 2-3 page report in which you analyze a health care organization’s ability to ensure access, quality services, and cost effectiveness and evaluate any barriers to the achievement of these things.


Each assessment in this course includes a different analysis of a health care organization of your choice. The final assessment will give you the opportunity to synthesize all of the feedback on the different assessments and present a complete case study and recommendations as if you were presenting to the company’s leadership team.

For this assessment, you will analyze the strategic initiatives of a health organization in terms of how well they ensure access, the quality of services, and cost effectiveness. You will also identify barriers to these things and evaluate the impact of these barriers on the strategic initiatives.


An effective health care organization enhances community wellness and balances the three-legged stool of health care: access to services, quality care, and cost effectiveness. Now, more than ever, quality, access, and costs are the kingpins to any successful health care organization, no matter the type. The shift in the consumer life cycle/process demands satisfaction with the quality of care delivered, the ease to accessing such care, and the cost-effective delivery. If all three are met, the health care organization will be profitable, enabling services to continue for years to come. But if just one leg of the stool becomes wobbly, the organization and the community it serves are at risk.

During this course you will analyze a health care organization from many different perspectives, and, in Assessment 5, you will develop a presentation of your analyses and recommendations for the leadership team of the organization.

The first deliverable for this presentation is a report in which you research an organization and analyze its strategic initiatives with respect to access to services, quality care, and cost effectiveness.

Your Role

You are a senior leader of a health care organization such as a rural hospital, multi-specialty physician practice affiliated with a large medical center system, managed care organization, or health care system-wide supply chain. You will then be able to apply the concepts to any career aspect including department head positions.

You are charged with performing a complete analysis of the organization, starting with the evaluation of its strategic initiatives.


Complete the following:

Select a health care organization. You can use the same organization you used in MBA-FPX5310 or MBA-FPX5312, building an in-depth project portfolio, or you can select a new organization, building a diverse project portfolio. If you are struggling with choosing an organization or are looking for an example of an acceptable topic, consult the Health Care Organization Options Resource [PDF].
Describe your selected organization’s background, including its history, audience, and role in the wider health care arena, including any assumptions you are making.
Analyze the organizations strategic initiatives with respect to ensuring access, the quality of services, and cost effectiveness.
Identify barriers in your selected health care organization with respect to access, quality, and cost effectiveness.
Evaluate the impact of these barriers on the strategic initiatives of the health care organization.
Deliverable Format

Report requirements:
Ensure written communication is free of errors that detract from the overall message and quality.
Use at least two scholarly resources beyond those provided in this course, cited in APA format.
Your report should be 23 content pages, in addition to a title page and references page.
Use 12 point, Times New Roman.
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