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Summary Objectives:
1.    Write a one sentence summary of the reading, including one paragraph that details the readings key ideas. You must cite specific page numbers when paraphrasing or summarizing (no quotations).  The information comes from the  source below and I will attach the document.
Tom Gunning, An Aesthetics of Astonishment: Early Film and the (In)Credulous Spectator, in Viewing Positions: Ways of Seeing Film, ed. Linda Williams (New Brunswick: Rutgers University Press, 1995), 114-133.

The one-sentence summary will provide a general overview of the entire reading.
The key ideas section will summarize at least 5 major ideas and/or arguments put forward by the author.
You will also provide in-text citations and one complete citation. Both the in-text citations and complete citation should follow the guidelines that correspond to the source material (book chapter, essay, etc.) you must follow proper citation standards for each specific source. The point breakdown is as follows:
One Sentence Summary:
Key Ideas:
In-text Citations and Complete Citation: