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Module 6

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Assignment 2 Due March 14, 2021
Watch the Documentary Policing the police 2020 Frontline PBS by clicking here:

or google: Policing the Police 2020 frontline pbs
and answer the following questions by using evidence from the book and the documentary to support your answer.  Please make sure all answers are thoughtful, well written and grammatically correct.

The picture of the book chapter 4 is in the file please check file to read the book.

Also please make sure u only use the source I provided u please no outside source please.

1. What happened in Newark that forced the Department of Justice to investigate their police department?

2. What is a consent decree based on the discussion in the movie?

3. Why is it important to have federal oversight over local police forces based on what you heard in the documentary?

4. How has Newark been able to slash their violence rate in half?

5. How can community based public safety help support overall public safety based on what you saw in the documentary? This is based on the knowledge shared by the Newark Community Street team at the end of the documentary. 

6. How can what is happening in Newark be a model for the rest of the country in regards to police community relationships?