Any topic (writer’s choice)

There are 3 parts to the paper. Make it one essay, with one overarching introduction and conclusion for the whole thing. Add a section header for each part (aka label each part.) You must cite class material and have a proper works cited page. You must format your citations relatively correctly. Failure to do these things may result in an automatic F. Please consider any feedback I have given on earlier papers and rememeber that I have posted all my Powerpoint notes to help you. The page numbers are rough suggestions.

1.  what is social stratification and how is the U.S. stratified today?

2.What is meant by the social construction of class, race, and gender? And how were these processes related to suburbanization in the U.S.?

3. And what is global stratification and how is the globe stratified today? How is global stratification related to race and gender? The Coronavirus pandemic?

Again, there are multiple question-prompts, but you should combine your answers into one flowing essay with clear section headers for each question. For example, one section could be What is Social Stratification, What is Global Stratification, etc… Break it up into manageable pieces and make it easy to read.