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            Module 4.
Use this link to access the course text and read chapter 4:

Watch this video on the development of different societies and theoretical perspectives on societal development:

Watch this video to supplement what you learned in the text:

There are two parts to this week’s discussion board.  Read the chapter, watch the videos and then answer these two sets of questions.

Part I:
Describe the key characteristics of preindustial, industrial and postindustrial societies. 

Define Durkheim’s concepts of mechanical and organic solidarity. Which type of solidarity would result in greater conformity to COVID health recommendations–like mask wearing– and why?

Part II:
Explain the idea of “impression management” as theorized by Erving Goffman (see second video.) What are some situations where you might be actively engaged in this kind of performance?

Now that you have learned about the concept of impression management, do you think you will be more conscious of how you present yourself in different social settings?  Why or why not?

                      Module 6
Chapter 6

“How Would People Behave in Milgram’s Experiment’s Today

Watch Supplementary Video: Social Groups and Organizations

Watch Supplementary Video: Formal Organizations

1. Define primary group and secondary group, giving examples of each.

2. What is a reference group?  Give an example of how a reference group functions in the life of an individual e.g. what or who would make up the reference group for a teenager or for a college student (you can use any example)? Where do people find their reference group?

3. Read the article “How Would People Behave in Milgram’s Experiment Today.”  Explain why and how people chose to conform in the Ash (in your text) and Milgram experiments.  Do you think people today in our society would be more or less likely to conform or behave in the same way?  Explain your answer.
                          Module 7

Chapter 7

Read: Whose Deviance Do We Notice?

Watch Supplementary Video on Deviance

Watch: Supplementary Video on Theories of Deviance

This question has several parts, in the first part, answer with your own perspectives and beliefs about crime and deviance.  The second part asks you to bring in sociological theories and choose one that you think best explains why crime occurs.  Do not just give an opinion- describe the theories.
1) What do you think causes crime? Why are some people likely to commit crimes while others do not?

2) Choose and describe two of the sociological theories of deviance that you think provide the best explanation for crime.  Why did you choose these theories?

3) What makes it more or less likely that someone’s behavior will be considered deviant?  Are some groups more likely to be considered “deviant” and if so, how does this affect the way they are treated in society?  Use examples to answer this question.