Any topic (writer’s choice)

Article Critique Paper Outline
Two- page critical summary of (1) peer-reviewed journal article
Title Page
Introduction- Introduce your reader to the title of the article, the authors, and the main point of the article.
1.    Summary/Purpose for the research
2.    Identify research question or thesis statement
3.    Critique the article (3-4) sentences and discuss any relevant theories
Methodology- Be sure to discuss the following areas
1.    Number of people in the sample or sample size
2.    Where the sample came from: school community-center, hospital etc.
3.    How the data was collected and if software used to codes or categorize data (interviews, observations, survey, field notes etc.)
4.    Where the any safeguards put in place to protect participants?
5.    Where there any ethical issues in treatment or the research design?
6.    Limitations
1.    Patterns found
2.    Underlying themes
3.    Findings
Recommendations for further research

Write a 2 page critical summary of a peer-reviewed journal article. The article should be on a topic in the Human Services that interests the student. Select a journal from the social sciences like Human Service Education, a journal of the National Organization for Human Services. Other suggested journals may come from the professions of social work, psychology,