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Position Paper Group Project:
The group project requires the group to select a business issue affecting an organization you have or currently work for and determine how to address it using any of the HR approaches studied in the course. The project requires you to make specific recommendations about what HR policies are appropriate for your business. Write a paper explaining how you would implement your approach and how it would address the problem.  (Whats the impact, how would you measure it?)

Business issue: Creating a Harassment Free Work Environment

1-The Issue That Needs to Be Resolved
2-Executive Summary: Background Information
3-Options That Are Available
4-Cost-benefit Analysis of Options
*******5-Recommendation of the Best Option

*I need to answer only the 5 and 6 questions( these is the group project).
I will send you by sms the answer for questions 1 and 2 for you read it and develop my part.

* All references should be cited appropriately in APA standards.