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Writing can be very challenging for ELLs. By being aware of how to scaffold instruction, we can help them acquire this domain to make themselves understood while writing. Respond to either the K-12 or adult learning questions, but not both.

To structure your writing,

Your audience will be a group of colleagues who are unfamiliar with these ideas or who need clarification and strategies to help with the presented problem.
Your role will be a well-informed teacher with knowledge of teaching ELLs.
The format is a discussion post.
The purpose is to explain the information in a way to help others.

Children or Students in a K-12 Learning Context

Adult Learning Context

Read from your primary text:

Chapter 7: Content-Area Teaching

Robertsons article Improving Writing Skills: ELLs and the Joy of Writing (n.d.)


Acacia University (2017). Writing strategies for ESL students [Video file].

International TEFL Academys 2011 video Teaching Writing Skills in the ESL Classroom

Address the following items in your original post.

Describe some challenges with teaching writing and content in an ESL classroom.
Explain how teachers help students overcome those challenges.
Determine how teachers can help students with the vocabulary needed to write.
Defend how BICS and CALP language proficiencies can impact a students writing.