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Watch the movie Outsourced (the 2006 film, not the tv series) and answer the questions below. It is available free if you have Amazon Prime, or free on Youtube here (youll have to put up with English subtitles). I love this movie because its about culture shock, contrasts between Individualistic/Collectivistic culture, High/Low Power Distance, some uncertainty avoidance, verbal and nonverbal communication patterns, Dos and Donts, etc. All kinds of stuff. Every time I watch it, I notice something else. Plus, its a funny and touching movie.

Heres what to do:
1. Read the questions below
2. Watch the movie
3. Answer the questions below. You can download this document and type in your answers like you do in homework, or just respond to this email and add your answers below the questions.

The points awarded depend on how detailed/reflective the answers are, how they relate to topics weve talked about throughout the semester.


Quickly review the seven phases of culture shock. Describe a scene where Todd demonstrates or finds himself in one of these stages.

Describe two scenes that demonstrate differences between individualist and collectivist cultures.

Describe a scene where it seems Todd has adjusted/adapted to Indian culture.

Were there any other scenes that brought to mind other topics weve covered in this class? Tell me about one.

What was your favorite part of the movie, and why?

Bonus question (this is hard!): There is a picture/murti of a Hindu goddess on the wall of Todds room. Which Goddess is it, and why might that relate to the plot of the movie?