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Part A

A.1. What is meant by the term “anarchy” in the study of international relations? Describe the link between anarchy and the “security dilemma.” ( 1 page answer)

A.3. There are different approaches to defining “power” in international relations. The conventional view is to define power by referring to certain capabilities of different governments. Do you agree with this approach? Say why or why not. ( 1 page answer)

Part B

B.2. In your own words, describe the concept of “levels of analysis.” Identify a historical or current issue or event with which you are familiar. Use the concept of levels of analysis to describe factors that caused that issue or event across the three different levels.  Is the levels of analysis approach useful in providing insights regarding the issue or event you chose? ( 1 and a half page answer)

use the files attach when answering the each question , along with other resources