Any topic (writer’s choice)

Develop a 1,500-word (DO NOT EXCEED WORD COUNT!! THIS IS IMPORTANT!!) policy memo on some element of current U.S. cyber policy or an anticipated challenge to U.S. interests from cyber sources. The paper should be structured as a memo to the President of the United States and should deal explicitly with the strengths and weaknesses of ONE SPECIFIC current cyber policy. Please also read the U.S. Department of Defenses most recent for background information on current U.S. policy.

Possible topics might include:

US response to Russian incursions into US Defense Department computers

US response to allegations of Russian hacking into CDC databases and privately held databases with information about COVID vaccine trials, etc.

US use of tracking apps like COVID Wise, in light of US citizen concerns about privacy

Use of cloud computing for storage of US national security assets and data

Addressing the shortfall of highly trained cybersecurity warriors in todays military

Steps the US can take to address Chinese cyber espionage in commercial spaces